‘General Lifestyle Porn’ (in the eyes of men)



I read an article a friend posted – talking about the hatred for those perfect little blogs with the beautiful women that have everything going for them. And that articles like this are putting impossible standards on women  – Can I just say here, its not men placing these standards? For the record, men like women in every shape, size, color, and flavor, there is no ‘perfect standard’ for women in the eyes of men. – Anyway, I read another article that was a rebuttal stating these accounts are here to encourage us, And, the reality that there are some people that are just plain artistic and really do live in cool houses on the side of mountains and drive old Toyota Land Cruisers, and have perfect hair and skin. @thiswildidea – one of my favorite accounts which I truly believe to be inspirational, not fake or with the purpose of making its viewers readers feel envious. She went on to state that there are also ‘fake’ accounts with people who’s goal is to have the perfect instagram or blog, that portray a perfect clean little happy family that  always seems to be smiling. – Accounts like this are bull shit.

But, I don’t think this issue is strictly for women. No, the general population of (straight) men don’t spend hours upon hours reading blogs – but instagram – we spend a lot of time using. I instagram the shit out of everything. I’ll admit it (and I know i’m not the only one) I daydream of driving a sick old land cruiser around the country camping on mountains, spending everyday exploring, and feeling ‘alive‘ – (Forrest Mankins). But the reality is, most of us cannot do that – we have our jobs, families and other things that (rightly) prevent us from living that sort of lifestyle.

The real issue here, is where our hearts are. If you think living like your favorite blog / instagram will make you happy, you’re effing wrong. And if you think traveling all over the place is for you – go do this – drive 20 hours straight and sleep in a noisy truck stop, if you still enjoy every moment of that, maybe you are cut out for it. The purpose of our favorite accounts isn’t to make us envious or to make an irrational decision to quit our job and take off across the country (or to throw up after eating because you don’t feel skinny enough) their purpose is to encourage us to, love, live, enjoy the lives we have.

In the past we envied through magazines, today we envy though blogs, and no matter the venue of tomorrows envy, the bottom line is that we need to fix ourselves.

Remember this, the grass is always greener where you water it. Screw the other side.